What to do if you haven’t much time

  • Apply and renew mulches
  • Water plants thoroughly through hot spells
  • Hoe or hand-pull annual weeds
  • Fill any gaps in borders with bedding or perennial plants
  • Deadhead plants

Other jobs

Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

  • Watch out for greenfly and leaf-rolling on roses
  • Prune mature deciduous shrubs that finish flowering
  • Continue taking softwood cutting
  • Keep on top of training climbing and rambling roses
  • Propagate climbers by layering


  • Remove old leaves and flower stems of hellebores
  • Cut back oriental poppies – they’ll look terrible right now but new leaves will grow in a month or two. They’ll flower again next year.
  • Deadhead Euphorbia robbiae and E. characias
  • Continue to stake tall-growing perennials
  • Deadhead lupins and delphiniums
  • Take cutting from pinks
  • Cut down the foliage of bulbs that have been naturalised in grass
  • Plant out cannas
  • Lift and divide bulbs that have finished flowering
  • Plant anemones to flower in autumn

Fruit & Veg

  • Continue to harvest all crops as they mature
  • Water and feed plants regularly
  • Plant celery in trenches prepared during winter or spring
  • Plant out celeriac raised earlier
  • Plant out runner beans
  • Sow radicchio (red chicory), Chinese cabbage, peas, salad vegetables, turnips
  • Plant out sweetcorn, tomatoes, marrows, courgettes  pumpkins and  ridge cucumbers
  • Plant out all winter brassicas
  • Plant herbs in containers
  • Remove cloches from strawberries
  • Control grey mould on strawberries
  • Put up pheromone traps
  • Continue pruning and pinching out shoots on wall-trained fruit
  • Gooseberries can also be thinned for larger fruits
  • Don’t thin apples and pears
  • Continue tying in new canes of blackberries and hybrid berries


  • Mow lawn regularly
  • Don’t forget edging
  • Feed lawn with liquid fertilisers


Containers and bedding

  • Plant out summer bedding plants
  • Sow polyanthus and winter pansies
  • Plant up a hanging basket
  • Water and feed all plants regularly
  • Plant up half-hardy annuals and tender perennials in containers outdoors

Under cover

  • Damp down regularly
  • Water and feed all plants regularly
  • Shade the greenhouse
  • Pot on all young plants and seedlings that are ready