Peonies Make The Perfect Present This Mother’s Day

Peonies Make The Perfect Present This Mother’s Day

Peonies are more popular now than ever. There is no flower that holds more romance and symbolises true love more than a peony. When a peony blooms in your garden for the first time it truly is a perfect moment, a moment the special person in your life will treasure and look forward to each year after that. There is no more special person in all of our lives than our mum’s and they truly do deserve the best.

If you are looking for something with a touch of excitement and a truly glorious display, is special and genuinely a wow flower then it has to be a peony.It is a gift that will show your mum just how special she is to you.

Peonies have long been seen as a luxurious plant, said to bring good fortune and a happy marriage. Just like any relationship, peonies take a little time to establish but once they have, they explode with colour, scent and majestic flowers. They are certain to cause a stir in any setting and capture the attention of the beholder.  So time to get ahead of the crowds and start growing your own, why not start with one of the below in your own garden.

The list below are Alec’s top picks for the peonies that will bring a smile to your mum’s face this Mother’s Day. Alternatively if you can’t decide between these you could always purchase a gift voucher instead and your mom could choose her favourite peony for herself.

• Festiva Maxima AGM – gorgeously scented, large blooms that are creamy/dreamy white sometimes with a flash of crimson

• Duchesse de Nemours AGM – one of the very best, pure white, frilly and highly scented.

Peony lactiflora  'Duchesse de Nemours' AGM, HUGE 5
• Coral Charm – great colour and size of bloom; bright pink, fading to coral, then lemon then off-white – absolutely stunning

• Sarah Bernhardt AGM – absolute wedding classic, sugar pink with a crimson edge on the outer petals. Really reliable and great cut flower which holds it shape.

• Claire de Lune – makes a beautiful scented, pale lemon, very delicate cut flower; gorgeous

Peony Claire de Lune

• Mother’s Choice – double flower in blush pink/white, huge flowers and gorgeously scented

Once established a peony plant will live for many decades, sometimes for 100 years and with each year will produce more and more flowers in the same way as a relationship matures and blossoms with the passing of every year. Peonies are surprisingly hardy, they will survive whatever life has to offer including frost, snow and the occasional trampling by children or pets.

Peonies are for everyone, they are really easy to grow despite the fact that they look so delicate and regal: it’s part of their hidden charm. So give a peony plant to the loved ones in your life and watch it flower year after year as a symbol of your love for them.

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