Feeding Your Peony


Most peonies will benefit from a general, balanced feed once a year in either the Spring or the Autumn.

You can feed a new peony when you are planting, mix the feed through your compost and add to the bottom of the hole to encourage root growth. When feeding your peony after it has been planted, you would loosen the soil around the peony and sprinkle the feed, mix lightly into the loose soil with your hands and then water the area so the feed can be absorbed into the soil to be most effective.

Feeding encourages your peony to flower along with regular watering, although beware of over watering as peonies do not like to have water logged roots. If you have reasonable soil, you may find that your peony requires no feeding at all.

We recommend our Professional Peony Fertiliser for use in the Spring or Autumn. If you missed your Spring feed and don’t want to forget in the Autumn we also offer a Summer rejuvenator which will keep you peony fed until the following Spring.