Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops

Alec White owner and nurseryman of Primrose Hall Peonies has a real passion for all plants but his true love affair is with peonies. These stunning blooms have captured his attention since he was a boy and as with all true passions, this has driven him to learn everything there is to know about the whole peony family and their interesting history. From tree peonies to intersectional and herbaceous to patio, Alec is growing them all, this has led to a wealth of knowledge through experience on the best ways to grow peonies of all varieties.

Over the years of exhibiting peonies Alec has been frequently asked interesting questions about these plants and has tried to dispel the many myths that surround them. Alec has developed a series of talks around the subject of peonies, their history, variety of colour and his top tips to grow successful peonies in the garden to mention a few. The talks are delivered with a vivid PowerPoint presentation to gardening clubs, nurseries and groups by appointment. A full list of talk topics with a brief explanation of what the listeners can expect to learn are below.

For more information on how to book Alec please email us.

Talk Topics

A Riot of Colour
An informative and interesting talk discovering the vast colour palette of peonies and the changing colours of their blooms with in-detail discussion of specific cultivars, concluding with tips on how to grow peonies successfully. Q+ A session.

Exhibiting Peonies: The Road to Chelsea Gold
An engaging presentation covering why Alec chose to exhibit peonies, how exhibits are planned and built and the steps taken to ensure that the plants are in bloom in time for the exhibition including the journey from Alec’s first Chelsea in 2016 to Chelsea Gold in 2019. The talk incorporates tips on how to grow peonies at home and a Q+A session.

How to Propagate, Plant and Grow Peonies
An introduction to the origins and history of peonies, propagation techniques and breeding, choosing the perfect peony and detailed discussion about how to care for and maintain your peony. Concludes with a Q+A session.

Dispelling the Myths about Peonies
An interesting talk about Primrose Hall Peonies, the origins and dispelling the common myths around peonies and answering common questions. Can you move peonies? Can you get peonies to flower for longer? Are peonies fragrant? Ends with a Q+A session.

Autumnal Care of Peonies
A talk about the different types of peonies, how to prune, plant, move and divide peonies focussing on appropriate tips for autumn care. The talk covers purchasing peonies and a brief discussion of the growth cycle of peonies. Ends with a Q+A session.

Heritage Peonies
An informative and interesting talk about the origins and history of peonies around the world and their establishment as a garden favourite including a discussion of notable breeders and their cultivars. The talk includes growing tips and concludes with a Q+A session.

Intersectional Peonies
What are they and why are they special? This talk focusses on intersectional peonies, a cross between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies, including the development and story of this breeding this exciting hybrid with a discussion of notable cultivars and top tips on how to grow peonies including planting, pruning, moving and common pests and diseases. Session ends with a Q+A