How to grow

How to grow

How to Grow Peonies

Peonies are easy to grow and can live for decades, often 50 years+ in a garden. Peonies are very low maintenance and if you stick to some simple rules for growing them we are sure you will be able to grow your own healthy peonies with no trouble at all.

Peonies are rarely troubled by slugs, snails, deer or rabbits which are all the usual suspects to decimate plants in the garden. Peonies are hardy plants (usually hardy to -20C) requiring no winter protection which makes them perfect additions for cold UK winters. They actually enjoy the drop in temperature in Winter signalling a dormant period where they store their energy in their roots where the buds are already forming and when the sun begins to shine in Spring and the ground starts to warm up, they respond by sending up their leaves and you can watch the buds forming already.

Peonies are also pretty drought tolerant in the Summer but will need plenty of water in the Spring when they are forming their flower buds. Peonies can be grown in containers or in the flower border. It is best to purchase a well-established peony, at least 3- 5 years in maturity, to ensure that it will be at flowering maturity.

Head Nurseryman Alec's Top Tips for growing healthy, happy and pretty perfect peonies in your own garden are the following:

1. Buy a well-established, mature peony plant.
2. Plant in a sunny or part-shaded sheltered position in any free-draining soil.
3. Don’t plant your herbaceous or intersectional peony too deep – ensure the crown is no more than 25mm below the surface.
4. Feed your peony once a year in the Spring, Summer or Autumn.
5. Cut back herbaceous and intersectional peonies in the Autumn; remember Tree peonies respond well to pruning to keep them under control.
6. Water your peony consistently while buds are forming in the Spring but take care not to over water as peonies don’t like having wet ‘feet’ or roots.