Intersectional Peonies

Intersectional peonies (or Itoh peonies) are unusual, relatively rare and very interesting; they are a cross between an herbaceous peony and a tree peony. Intersectional peonies, like all peonies, are highly collectable. They are the most beautiful peonies, sometimes lightly fragrant, with large (dinner-plate) sized flowers in a diverse range of colours and flowers, from single to double. Intersectional peonies often flower for a slightly longer period than herbaceous peonies and enjoy masses of flowers. They are reasonably compact, growing to about 75cm tall on average and they require little or no support at all (because of their tree peony framework). Intersectional peonies will die down in the winter and return in the Spring and in the Autumn and Spring they usually have striking finely cut foliage that is green and red in colour.

Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous peonies are a timeless classic perennial plant for the garden. Their flowers can be single, semi-double or fully double and many are beautifully scented. There are a range of colours from deep purple to pure white and they are definitely one of the most showy flowers in the garden with large blooms. Peonies can be early, mid or late flowering which means you can enjoy their blooms from May to July. Peonies are long-lived, lasting for decades; they will die down in the winter and re-emerge the following spring to produce an even better display than the previous year.

Tree Peonies

Tree peonies are long-lived, deciduous shrubs. Tree Peonies have large, flamboyant flowers (often scented) in various colours and make a real statement in the garden.


Peonies are relatively low maintenance – requiring minimal care – and will thrive in any fertile, free-draining soil in a sunny aspect for decades. Peonies have impressive flowers (double, semi-double or single) and with a little planning, can provide flowers from May into July (peonies will flower in either early, mid or late flowering season). When you consider that a vast number of peonies are fragrant too, surely this must make peonies one of the best perennial plants for your garden?

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