What to do if you haven’t much time

  • Keep mowing – not too short, as longer grass survives heat better (if we get some)
  • Trim the edges of the lawn for a quick tidy up, even if you don’t have time to mow. Trust us – it works!
  • Deadhead roses, alstroemerias, pinks, day lilies, petunias (not needed on Million Bells), annual geraniums (pelargoniums).
  • Feed, feed, feed pots and baskets with high potash food like tomato food.

Other jobs

Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

  • Watch out for black spot, rust and mildew on roses in particular
  • Cut lavender for drying
  • Prune early summer-flowering shrubs
  • Remove any unwanted growth from the bases or trunks of trees and shrubs
  • Take semi-ripe cuttings
  • Pot up or plant out softwood cuttings
  • Trim conifer hedges
  • Try air layering climbing plants
  • Prune wisteria


  • Divide irises
  • Disbud dahlias
  • Continue to cut back faded flowers
  • Harvest seeds from perennials
  • Layer pinks and carnations
  • Plant autumn-flowering bulbs

Fruit & Veg

  • Keep harvesting vegetables as soon as they are ready
  • Harvest early potatoes, shallots, onions, globe artichokes, garlic planted last year
  • Sow peas, vegetables for  autumn harvesting, spring cabbages
  • Sow autumn and winter salads
  • Finish planting out winter brassicas
  • Stop outdoor cordon tomatoes
  • Endives can be blanched
  • Watch out for tomato problems
  • Begin to earth up celery
  • Lookout for potato and tomato blight
  • Stop climbing beans when they reach the top of their supports
  • Pick and dry herbs
  • Take cutting from herbs
  • Harvest summer-fruiting raspberries, blackcurrants, red and whitecurrants
  • Summer-prune red and white currants
  • Prune summer-fruiting raspberries
  • Continue training new canes of blackberries and other hybrid berries
  • Continue training fan-trained fruits
  • At the end of the month begin summer- pruning trained apples and pears
  • Thin out fruit on apples and pears
  • Support heavily laden fruit trees branches


  • Mow and trim edges once or twice a week
  • Don’t water unless absolutely necessary
  • Give the lawn a boost with a liquid fertilizer

Containers and bedding

  • Maintain annuals and tender perennials
  • Finish planting out summer bedding plants in baskets
  • Transplant biennial seedlings
  • Cut and dry everlasting flowers
  • Disbud tuberous begonias
  • Water and feed containers regularly


Under cover

  • Keep the greenhouse well ventilated
  • Start taking fuchsias cuttings
  • start removing foliage from tomatoes
  • watch out for tomato disorders